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Trekking in Rudranath

Trekking in Madmaheshwar

Chandrika camp Chopta offers you Trekking in Madhmeshwar and Madhmeshwar Trekking. At an altitude of 3497 mtrs is located Madhmeshwar temple. This temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva. Among the five temples of Panch Kedar it is the second temple which is visited after Kedarnath. After the visit of Madhmeshwar, Tungnath is to be visited. It is said that these temples are built by Pandavs. Madhmeshwar means the middle or belly part or navel of the bull, considered a divine of Shiva.In the struggle that ensued different parts of Lord Shiva's body appeared at various places in Kedarnath. With the forelegs presentation up at Pashupatinath in Nepal, the remnant of the bull at Kedarnath, the torso counting the navel. Trekking in Madhmaheshwar, the Arms at Tungnath, the face at Rudranath, and the tangled hair of Shiva at Kalpeshwar. Different class of grebes swam on the conflicting side of lake but there dissimilar colors could be seen from coldness just with nude eyes. Our guide was splendid fellow with loads of in order to tell us. Come and information the Bharatpur of Maharashtra by us.

It is an outstanding juncture for shutterbugs to imprison a variety of birds in their camera….. So don’t wait, just call us ASAP to record. Direct registrations via phone would only be entertained for excursion and no corroboration here on site would be careful as full finally registered. A paradise for bird lovers, the refuge is home to migratory and occupant birds such as pallid stork, glossy ibis, spoonbills, flamingos, goose Brahminy duck, mallard, widgeon, pilchards, pintails, cranes, curlews, godwits, and weavers. A many other birds such as black ibis, spot bills, teals, water hens, sand pipe, little grebe, cormorants, egrets, herons, stork, buzzards, quails, partridges, eagles, kites, vultures harriers, osprey, swifts, gray hornbill and peafowl are also dotted.